The Aboriginal Sport Circle Announces Winnipeg as The 2023 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships Host

The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is pleased to announce the host for the 2023 National
Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) has been awarded to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The event
will take place May 7-13, 2023, at the Seven Oaks Arena with over 500 participants expected to
be in attendance.

“The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is excited to award the 20th National Aboriginal Hockey
Championships to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2023. This is a significant anniversary for one of
Canada’s preeminent Indigenous sporting events and the ASC is confident the host society, the
City of Winnipeg and the participating teams will do this momentous milestone proud.” Rob
Newman, ASC President

“As a former coach involved with the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships, I have
witnessed first-hand the incredible power of connection and the thrill of accomplishment that
the players, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers experience at these games. While the
event is always special, it is with extra anticipation and pride that I look forward to Winnipeg
2023 and the celebration of 20 years of National Aboriginal Hockey Championships.” Matt
Tapper, Chief Executive Officer, ASC

“Manitoba is excited to host the 20th anniversary of the National Aboriginal Hockey
Championships in Winnipeg. We look forward to celebrating this elite hockey event with the
players, coaches, families and our communities. It is an honour to share our culture and support
Indigenous youth across Canada. On behalf of the host community, we are thrilled to invite you
to Manitoba.” Wendy Creed, NAHC 2023 Chair

“It is with great pride and excitement that we are returning to Winnipeg for our 20th
Anniversary National Aboriginal Hockey Championships. I look forward to continuing the great
tradition of the NAHC both sharing culture and tradition as well as showcasing the best male and female Indigenous U18 Hockey players in the country.” Jeff Spencer, ASC Hockey Committee Chair

The 2023 NAHC will be the 20th annual event. It provides a forum for elite 13- to 17-year-old
Indigenous male and female youth, attracting participation from First Nation, Inuit and Metis
across thirteen provinces and territories. This annual event helps foster cultural unity and pride
as well as an opportunity to celebrate the athletic abilities of Indigenous athletes from across
the country.

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